- Discover the Real Purpose of Life!

You think life's just some neurons in your brain? You love to be a machine?

Then stop reading!

This is definitely NOT for you. It is not for robots. It's for human beings of free will!

What do you need?

Food for your body? Of course you do. And housing, clothes, insurance...

Wouldn't a shiny red sports coupe for your prestige be nice? A beautiful partner, empathic and tolerant?

Of course, we all are in need of these.

But, what for?

Just for keeping the body and mind functioning, so that you can go on living? Wouldn't it be rather frustrating to keep yourself alive just to be able to keep yourself alive?

Imagine you and your beloved partner in a bright red sports car on a sunny country road. Your favourite music sounding from the stereo system. Vibrant, pulsing life. Do you like it? Then, WHY do you like it?

(In case you are no sports car fan, just think of any activities and things of your liking :-)

Just because you want to keep yourself fit to go to work on monday morning? NO, that may be a welcome side effect. But you really, really do it, because...


Yes, it's a fact: YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY.

And who could take offense at that?

After all... Isn't happiness all what life's for? Yes, that's it. That's all that counts.

But, just listen for some more moments, please...

All these things will never be able to make you lastingly and substantially happy, because they are intrinsically different from you.

Just like a fish on the land. Give him everything: Opulent home, nice food, nice cigars, great music, entertainment, lovely girls and luxurious cars...

Will he be happy?

Or consider the fate of this bird: Living in a golden cage, his lady is very anxious to keep it very shiny. She polishes it day by day, forgetting the poor bird in the cage.

Will the bird enjoy life in his bright cage?

Please, listen carefully...

As a fish wants to live in his natural surroundings, namely water, we want to live in a world of happiness, for that is our original nature.

As a neglected bird in a shiny golden cage will surely die, our blissful nature will die, if we just take care of our physical bodies and neglect ourselves, the spiritual beings occupying the body.


Of course, our body is important. The fact that we are not our bodies, is no justification to neglect it.

But we, the inhabitants of the body, are of greater importance. After all, isn't the body just important, as long as we are there? What is the destiny of our body, after we have left it? It will be buried or burned. It is of no use anymore.

Just consider this analogy: The inhabitants of a house are more important than the house. If the house is abandoned, it looses all importance.

If we want to actually be happy, we have to take care of our real identity. Our real identity is an identity of pure consciousness, happiness and love. It is different of dull and dead matter. Matter will never make us happy, because we are not matter. We are conscious spiritual beings.

We are after material things because of our false hope that they will provide happiness. But this is a tragic misunderstanding. It is the source of all the suffering and emptiness we have ever experienced.

We are breathing, feeling living entities. Material things are not. They are dead. How can you possibly expect love from them? Please, don't cheat yourself.

Our one and only problem therefore is, that we are searching after water in the desert!

Water exists. But do not expect to find it in a desert!

You have do claim your happiness there, where it is. After all, you don't go to a computershop for your foodstuffs. As in the desert you will sometimes experience a mirage, which just looks like real water, you will find some sort of fleeting happiness in this material arrangement. But just like the illusory water of a mirage will never quench your thirst, the search for happiness in material things will always end in frustration.

Go, where the water is!

Don't make a detour, wasting your time. Take happiness, where it is available!

Unlimited happiness is actually available everywhere in Gods creation. This is the happiness of your innermost potential of loving relationships. You have to tap this potential right now. What is the use of wasting more time in vain attempts to become happy by material adjustments?

Stop spoiling your life! Now, please, go for the real thing.

Consider this...

If you talk of light, you talk of sunlight. Because directly and indirectly, there's nothing but sunlight. Similarly, if you talk of happiness, you should be aware that there is no happiness aside from spiritual happiness. Actual happiness IS spiritual happiness.

Many thanks for your reading till here. I do appreciate your determination. It seems that you are "the one in thousands", a sincere and thoughtful person. Persons like you are the only hope for a frantically disintegrating world. Now, YOUR action is required. If you can identify with the following statements, you are heartily invited to klick on the link following them...

  • YES, I want to sincerely take responsibility for my life and happiness!

  • I honestly believe that I cannot be of any help for anybody else, as long as I do not first take responsibility for myself.

  • I am aware that most people are uncritically following the whims of the zeitgeist and in this way getting exploited.

  • Therefore I want to use my God given brain to decide for myself what will really benefit me!

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